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Swing Gong

Available in: 10" or 12" round or square targets

AR500 Plate mounted with rubber connector to allow target to swing when hit, or high-grade chain to allow target to dance when hit

Comes with hanging stand

10"- $199.99 | 12" - $219.99

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Flash Gong

Available in: 8" or 10" round or square AR500 3/8th gong

When hit, the target swings exposing a bright colored flag to show a bullet strike

comes with stand

Price: $239.99

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Hanging Gong Rack

Constructed of AR500 3/8th Splash Guard and Plates

When gong is hit it swings presenting a bright colored flag to the shooter

Available with 4, 6 or 8 inch plates

Price $599.99

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